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Greetings. In the beginning, when even I was a small child with a BBC micro pooter, there was a great man. His name was David Braben and he had a dream. Unlike lesser men, whose dreams consist largely of sexual fantasies, <snip meandering brain-rot>

Go here to find out what Frontier is.

Proper introduction

This WAS the Atari ST version of the game Frontier: Elite 2 by the great man mentioned previously. It was disassembled, OS calls and hardware access removed, and originally run on a stripped down ST emulator (Hatari). Now it is compiled to C or native x86, and run much faster without 68K emulation. Most recently it has been modified to draw stuff with OpenGL at any shiny resolution with 8xAA, etc. A dandy evolution for a crappy old Atari ST game.

It uses the SDL library, and compiles on Windows (mingw) and Linux. Should work on other unixes also although this is untested. I'd like people to test it on big-endian architectures.

Pretty pictures

Here are some screenshots at various stages in development: 1 2 3 4 5 6


You either want the source + audio (unix, mingw), or windows binary + audio.

File Date (D/M/Y) Size (bytes)
source code (OpenGL, SDL: unix, mingw)
Most up-to-date GLfrontier (frontvm3) source code. Download SFX and music separately (below).
23/6/2006 426,463
windows binary 23/6/2006 789,633
source (older version) 13/6/2006 426,938
windows binary (older version) 13/6/2006 789,149
Sound effects and music (optional with the above) 22/2/2006 4,623,648
Source - Framebuffer only (no openGL) version
This hasn't been actively worked on since Dec 2005, but is a good starting point for ports to architectures without OpenGL. The other thing missing is the OGG music support of glfrontier, and back-porting this is left as an exercise for the feisty porter.
20/11/2006 901,667


  • The Hatari people - there is still some Hatari code lurking in there.
  • David Braben and Co - they wrote the damn thing after all.
  • JohnJ - he knows lots of stuff about the code and is generally handy

  • Email t...@noflag.org.uk